06 décembre 2006

IP et croissance

Peut-on employer les assignation des adresses IP d'Internet comme indicateur de développement ? Peut-être pas, mais c'est toujours intéressant. Avant de lire l'article et de regarder la carte, pouvez-vous dire quels sont les pays qui occupent les premières places, et les dernières ?

Under IPv4 there are 4,294,967,296 possible IP addresses - each of which may be assigned to a device or computer on the internet. 4 billion addresses equates to slightly less that two thirds of an IP address per person on the planet. As you may imagine, the IP addresses are not distributed evenly around the world - they are assigned to individual countries by Regional Internet Registries such as ARIN and RIPE. We take a look at how that information breaks down per person in each country.

First of all, I obtained an IP address to country lookup list, which revealed the blocks assigned to each country - from this I was able to calculate the total number of IP addresses allocated to each country. I then divided that total figure by the country's population, giving an indication of the number of IPs available to that country per capita (person).


La Corée du Sud en jaune seulement ? Etonnant.

Écrit par : Ash | 06 décembre 2006

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